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Paul Adirex is the pen name of American-educated Thai politician and businessman, Pongpol Adireksarn. Elected six times to the Thai House of Representatives, he was a member of parliament and had served as a minister of foreign affairs, tourism and sports, agriculture and cooperatives, education, as well as holding the post of deputy prime minister.

He has written seven English-language novels: The Pirates of Tarutao, Mekong, Until The Karma Ends, The King Kong Effect, Rattanakosin, Chameleon Man, and Once Upon A Time In The Galapagos, all of which he also wrote the Thai version. His works in Thai include two historical novels, a book about travel in his native country, a treatise on agricultural development in Thailand, an autobiography, and several articles on politics and tourism in leading Thai newspapers.

As a wildlife photographer, Paul Adirex has published two English hard-covered pictorial books: My Photographic Safaris(2012), Wildlife: In Search of Threatened Species (2014) and two Thai pictorial books: African Wildlife, South American Wildlife.

Paul Adirex is also the producer, scriptwriter, and host of a Thai TV documentary program on world heritage sites, wildlife threatened species, and Thai caves. He resides in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.


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Once Upon A Time in The Galapagos

Big trouble is on its way!

Life is pretty good for Chet, a giant dome-backed tortoise native to the Galapagos islands, who takes centre stage in this incredible story of spirited resistance. Blessed with a mate he loves, a couple of healthy offspring, and a ready supply of dwarf apples and opuntia cactus, he has little cause for complaint. Moreover, he’s well thought of by the other island residents and can count among his friends a wide range of colorful creatures, including sea lions, marine iguanas, brown pelicans, blue footed boobies, and lava lizards.

Not that life is altogether perfect with the ever present threat of volcanic eruption to contend with, and yet it’s a settled existence full of small pleasures, and regular seasonal changes, which suits Chet and his family very well. However, things are about to change dramatically, and take a serious turn for the worse, when a terrible menace appears on the far horizon, heading ever closer to shore . . .

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Chameleon Man
The Pirates of Tarutao
Until The Karma Ends
The King Kong Effect
Chameleon Man
Graphic Novel
Once Upon A Time
in The Galapagos
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