The King Kong Effect

The plot to assassinate the President finds its killer on the ocean floor!

Times are tough for the narcotics trade with US premier, President Carver, making the war on drugs his number one priority during a second term in office. The squeeze is on, and nowhere more so than in Thailand, where local traffickers and their American counterparts are starting to suffer the severe effects of this draconian clampdown.

Faced with their own extinction, these East Coast mobsters and Thai drug lords start to think the unthinkable and consider a hit on the US President. And with Carver scheduled to pay an official visit to Thailand in the coming weeks, they scent the perfect opportunity to do away with him during his tail-end vacation in Phuket.

United in this conspiracy are Surachai, a seemingly respectable property magnate, with a secret, decades-old affiliation with US crime boss, Marco Mazzoni. Also his brother Supote, a former special forces operative whose ruthlessness and rarefied weapons skills make him an all-too-real threat. If that wasn't enough, their murderous efforts are being overseen by Mazzoni's top enforcer, Rico Santini, who has flown into Bangkok to orchestrate proceedings. A man who won't take no for an answer or let anything stand in his way!

 At the same time, undercover agents from Thailand's Narcotics Suppression Bureau are on Surachai's tail – even as he seeks to shake them off – trying to piece together the drug lord's true intentions. Although these intentions change abruptly when plans to employ a hit-squad falter, leaving the conspirators casting around for a credible Plan B.

This takes the form of Conus geographus, a creature of the deep whose toxin is know to induce a homicidal frenzy in its victims before the onset of symptoms that mimic a fatal heart attack. A deadly weapon in the wrong hands, which is exactly where this cunning trio want to place it – staking everything on their murderous plot's success!

 Meanwhile, caught in the middle, are Byron Clifford, a former US military attaché, and Kamala Alston, an Anglo-Thai marine scientist. Two close friends, and prospective lovers, who are about to reap the whirlwind as the conspiracy goes into overdrive and takes to the open sea!

And so the scene is set for a deadly game of cat and mouse as the day of reckoning approaches. The plot to kill the president running parallel with frantic attempts to uncover this shocking intrigue. A frenetic battle of wits that can have only one winner, and in which the losers will pay the heaviest price!

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