In an age of empires, the art of governance is the ultimate test!

The year is 1767 and the Kingdom of Ayutthaya teeters on the brink of collapse, brought to the edge of annihilation by invading Burmese forces. Breaking the siege of the capital, a courageous hero rides forth from this once great capital city, intent on reviving its former glories, no matter how many obstacles stand in his way.

Such is the stunning premise, based on historical fact, which Rattanakosin explores to the utmost. Immersing the reader in a world where skilled diplomacy, sheer force of will, daring brinkmanship, and Machiavellian scheming all have their place. Faithful to the epoch in which it's set, this epic novel brings to life an incredible era where outside invaders and the enemy within are equally likely to trigger a King's downfall; and where rulers must be no less watchful in guarding against their own inner demons, including greed, envy, anger, and hubris. 

With a broad swathe of Southeast Asia serving as its richly embroidered backdrop, Rattanakosin paints a masterly portrait of a region undergoing convulsive change as ancient tradition and rampant modernity clash incessantly to create karmic consequences that will echo down the centuries. Following the fortunes of monarchs, nobles, spiritual masters, duplicitous aides, consummate swordsmen, and other skilled exponents of war. In addition, it details the hazardous path taken by four friends from very different walks of life whose enduring loyalty will survive the rise and fall of empires, and even death itself!

 For many of these vividly drawn characters, hard choices await – and even harder sacrifices – in their quest for self-determination. A journey that will lead them from the contested heartlands of their fledgling Kingdom to the far reaches of Indochina in the search for lasting glory and strategic advantage. The balance of power shifting repeatedly as rival generals march their vast armies through valleys low and mountains high.

 And for two brothers who do the King's bidding, it's a journey that will lead them to their ultimate destiny. The day arriving when they must set aside their existing loyalties to hold a nation together, forging a new dynasty which will see the city of Bangkok rise from its humble beginnings to become the famed metropolis which the world knows today . . .

From acclaimed author Paul Adirex comes this dazzling epic which skillfully interweaves established fact with sustained flights of the imagination; erudite knowledge and explosive action scenes; spiritual insight and political drama. A powerful testimony to the spirit of a nation, it breathes new life into the annals of Thailand's golden age like few novels before.
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