Chameleon Man

  You cannot keep to the shadows when destiny comes your way!

After the tragic death of his parents, a baby boy emerges unscathed from the mysterious depths of the Madagascan rain forest. Orphaned at birth, he is bequeathed the name of Elkanah Marris and placed under the guardianship of Father Adrian Lyle, an Anglican priest who oversees a mission in the remote village of Bekopaka.

Borne with strange markings on his skin suggestive of certain forest dwellers, the child soon starts to evince a remarkable array of gifts that mimic these same reptiles. And as he grows to be accepted by the isolated community, and the people native to it, these strange powers are complemented by a deep familiarity with forest lore, a mastery of indigenous martial arts, and a deep reverence for the region's spiritual traditions as well.

As El reaches an age of maturity, the tensions between his Western heritage and African upbringing become ever more evident, even as dark clouds gather on the near horizon. But before contending with these threats, he must first confront the truth of his parents' deaths as he seeks to reconcile the two strands of his identity and find a purpose in life that will honor the memory of his late mother and father.

Despite a reluctance to engage with the world beyond Bekopaka, El's whole way of life is under threat from a global menace that has the remote island of Madagascar firmly in its sights. And with the Nazi menace thoroughly in the ascendant, along with those Vichy forces who would do its bidding, there is nowhere to hide from the savage winds of war. The time has come for El to stand up and be counted, ready or not, and put his life on the line in the service of a greater good. After years of keeping to the shadows, Chameleon Man must finally come to the fore!

An exciting new addition to the pantheon of superheroes from the pen of acclaimed Thai novelist, Paul Adirex, Chameleon Man is a glorious adventure that will resonate with fans of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Rider Haggard alike, sharing that same unbeatable combination of ancient civilizations, occult forces, and thrills and spills galore. Packed with close shaves, feats of great daring, audacious military maneuvres, and a memorable cast of good and bad guys that will live long in the memory; all underwritten by the author's compendious knowledge of the vibrant epoch and the fascinating island of which he writes.

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