Chameleon Man Graphic Novel

Elkanah Marris, later is known as Tarondro Lai in Malagasy or Chameleon Man, was born to Brian and Claire Marris, two American scientists, in a vast karst called Tsingy of Bemaraha in the isolated western part of Madagascar. Claire dies giving birth to Elkanah and Brian has a fatal accident in the tsingy on the same day. Elkanah is raised by an English missionary in a village of Bekopaka. Elkanah is born with the combined unique attributes of a chameleon, a gecko, and an iguana. He can camouflage, change the color of his skin, moves on trees and vertical flat surface with clinging hands and feet, shoot his tongue out at the length equal to the height of his body at the speed of one/fourth of a second, glide through the air like a gliding gecko, and can roll his eyes out of the eye sockets seeing in different directions at the same time. He is the champion of the Malagasy martial arts called Moraingy as well as skillful in knife and stone throwing and in the use of spear and bow and arrow. Elkanah at the age of eighteen in 1942 joins the British Marines in the invasion of Madagascar against the French Vichy Government which has sided with the Axis Camp. Chameleon Man goes through series of adventure in different theaters of war during World War II.


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