Until The Karma Ends

Two Deadly Assassins are set to Trigger a Third World War!

At the bidding of the US President, Lance Bellinger is ordered back into the field and returned to active duty. His aim – to unite those ethnic factions inside of Myanmar who've suffered terribly at the hands of its military junta. Heeding the call, the CIA's Deputy Head of Special Operations embarks on a covert Black Ops mission aimed at carving out an independent territory for these oppressed peoples. 

The plan itself may be a noble one, but some of its chief supporters have hidden motives that are anything but selfless. And behind the scenes, these powerful figures are plotting to advance their own interests at any cost, even if that means sacrificing Lance Bellinger. 

 And so it is that Bellinger's mission descends into chaos as he finds himself shadowed by deadly pursuers who always seem to be a step ahead of him. All of the spy's old certainties crumbling – and his sense of security with them – until he can no longer distinguish friend from foe. The whole assignment teetering on the brink of disaster as the dangers multiply, threatening to steal his life away.

 The same can be said of Mandy Aung, a foreign aid worker who has dedicated her life to the betterment of displaced Burmese refugees. Now she finds herself in the same firing line as the CIA operative as they make a series of clandestine trips into Myanmar. The pair brought close together by a shared sense of purpose and the deadly risks they both face.

Meanwhile, a diplomatic conference in Bangkok assumes monumental significance with tensions rising, and the whole region on a knife edge. Designed to promote cooperation in Southeast Asia, it threatens to ignite global conflict and shake the world to its very foundations. Plans are afoot to enact a shocking bloodbath which will have extreme political consequences. A murderous ambition advanced by two highly skilled assassins who are equally capable of carrying the day.

With the touchpaper lit, and the clock ticking, it's left to Bellinger and his allies at Thailand's National Intelligence Agency to foil the stunning plot and uncover the true architects of the planned devastation. A desperate manhunt that receives unlikely assistance from a former enemy who retains a burning hatred of the CIA.

Until The Karma Ends is a multi-layered thriller that sheds light on the shadowy spy world, with its fleeting alliances and ever-present threat of double-dealing. Acclaimed author Paul Adirex employing his consummate skills as a storyteller – and first hand knowledge of international diplomacy and the intelligence services – to create a stunning tale full of moral complexity and explosive drama. The result is a dazzling work of popular fiction that combines these thrilling elements to brilliant effect.

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