The Pirates of Tarutao

A fight to the death for the spoils of war!

When the decision is taken by Thai authorities to build a new penal colony, the island of Tarutao has plenty to recommend it. Located in a remote corner of the Southern Andaman Sea, and besieged by raging monsoons throughout the year, it's also surrounded on all sides by shark-infested waters. Nor are these the only dangers that bedevil this deeply mysterious outcrop – it's rife with malaria and has a deadly horde of man-eating crocodiles lurking within its hidden caves and creeks!

Order has reigned supreme on Tarutao for several years in the form of the colony's austere governor, Khun Pitak; but when the winds of war reach its shores, blowing together a motley assortment of foreign POWs, political prisoners, and homegrown convicts, the scene is set for an explosive chain of events that will have dire consequences for most.

As World War II rages in Southeast Asia, the rules of peacetime are abandoned and desperation drives men of good character to reconsider their moral certainties. Worse still, to commit unspeakable deeds that would have been unthinkable even a short while ago. So it is that a campaign of murder and theft is launched from Tarutao's shores as the nearby shipping lanes are plundered for bounty by ruthless pirates. Men who will stop at nothing to cover their bloody tracks, hellbent on leaving no witnesses in their wake.

Based on a true story, this fascinating and little known chapter of Word War II is brought to life in captivating fashion, making it perfect for fans of adventure fiction, lovingly recreated period drama, and ripping yarns alike. The novel's large cast of characters – including shady American businessmen, intrepid sea gypsies, astute police detectives, and soldiers of all ranks and moral outlooks – engaging in an epic battle of wits, full of countless twists and turns, as the hunter becomes the hunted before the tables turn once more.

 Each of these colorful elements weaved together with great skill and panache by acclaimed novelist, Paul Adirex, who employs his own profound knowledge of this era, and the region he writes of, to create a thrilling tale that will live long in the memory.

 Treat yourself to a copy of this rollicking page-turner and set sail for Tarutao today!


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