In search of missing pilots, a lost people, and treasure beyond compare!

The mighty Mekong river has long been a fertile source of mystery. Wending its way through Southeast Asia, it's given birth to many a myth, legend, and fable, as well as being home to weird phenomenon that defy all known logic. The same can be said of those countless miles of dense jungle that surround the famous waterway, withholding any number of age-old secrets. Little wonder that this remote territory fires the popular imagination, or that, within its massive boundaries, rampant superstitions still hold sway . . .

So when a sudden spate of bizarre disappearances occurs in Chiang Kong, a booming Thai border town, the stage is set for this rollicking adventure novel. A mystery that becomes all the more feverish when several strangely-disfigured corpses wash up on the riverbank, triggering widespread fear.

 It's an unsolved case that consumes Mekong's three heroes as well, supercharging their existing obsessions. For Major Johnny Draco, it's the exhaustive search for American pilots who've been missing in action since the time of the Vietnam War. While for anthropologist Kim Baker, it's the hunt for a lost civilization alluded to in several ancient documents. As for Dave Shawn, it's the culmination of a spiritual quest that has its roots in personal tragedy. A quest that may finally reveal his inner essence and shine a light on centuries past.

Together, the intrepid trio embark on a perilous river journey, acting on the advice of an enigmatic forest monk whose stunning assertion will soon start to seem all too credible. According to the holy man, the killer on the loose is a creature from Buddhist mythology with powers that beggar belief!

 It's an expedition that will lead them into the heart of the darkness, where fantastical serpents are far from the only menace that must be confronted. Deep within the Golden Triangle, murderous drug lords and their powerful allies represent an equally tangible threat. With every mile traveled, the line between myth and reality continues to blur until their collective destiny stands revealed to them. And as the three truth seekers arrive at the edge of a lost world which redefines the limits of time and space, a trove of hidden secrets (and buried treasure!) finally comes to light.

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