About Author

Paul Adirex is the pen name of American-educated Thai politician and businessman, Pongpol Adireksarn. Elected six times to the Thai House of Representatives, he was a member of parliament and had served as a minister of foreign affairs, tourism and sports, agriculture and cooperatives, education, as well as holding the post of deputy prime minister.

He has written seven English-language novels: The Pirates of Tarutao, Mekong, Until The Karma Ends, The King Kong Effect, Rattanakosin, Chameleon Man, and Once Upon A Time In The Galapagos, all of which he also wrote the Thai version. His works in Thai include two historical novels, a book about travel in his native country, a treatise on agricultural development in Thailand, an autobiography, and several articles on politics and tourism in leading Thai newspapers.

As a wildlife photographer, Paul Adirex has published two English hard-covered pictorial books: My Photographic Safaris(2012), Wildlife: In Search of Threatened Species (2014) and two Thai pictorial books: African Wildlife, South American Wildlife.

Paul Adirex is also the producer, scriptwriter, and host of a Thai TV documentary program on world heritage sites, wildlife threatened species, and Thai caves. He resides in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

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